Meller-Weicht Genealogy

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Meller-Weicht Genealogy

I love to work on my family history and genealogy and decided it was time to have my own web page to share information and help other family members  to get to know their heritage. In doing what I can now to learn about my family, maybe the future generations will be able to enjoy the information and continue to record our history.

My family surnames include -

(maternal) Barram, Booker, Cary, Hardin, Keefe/O'Keefe, Lee, Martin, Motherspaw,  Phipps, Sheahan, Stalcop/Stalcup, Towsey, and Wilkinson.

(paternal) Bradford, Copeland/Coplen, Eady, Grismer, Hay, Heard, Henry, Jackson, Karsnia, Meller, Norris, Pope, Schindel, and Varner .

 Surnames of my husband's family include -

(maternal) Hanna, Leary/O'Leary, Preuster,

(paternal) Boor, Bussard, Stiffler, Weicht, and Wertz.

Family History Links

Eventually I hope to have all the sites where you can find our family genealogy. Remember, this is a work in progress. I hope you come back often to see what changes I may have made to the site.


Contact Information

If you need to reach me, please click on my contact information. I would love to hear from those that are researching the same families that I am as well as receive pictures or information from anyone.


I will add pictures as I find ones that I think people will enjoy seeing. These will mostly be the more historic pictures. If you have a picture you would like to add to my site, please identify the picture and email it to me and I will put it on the site. I look forward to accumulating a wonderful set of old pictures to honor those that passed before us.

Favorite Links

Please be sure to visit my Favorite Links and Family History Links. I think you will find a lot of helpful information there as well as find some sites that are fun.